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Manage Your E-Commerce Store

Customize your store settings

Choose buttons and icons that suit your style
With a variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can make the website experience for your customers seamless by matching all your buttons and icons with the rest of your website.

Accept Paypal and credit cards
Websites-NOW allows for a number of payment options. You can use PayPal, the world’s most trusted online payment processor, or you can use your own merchant account. If you don’t have your own merchant account yet, we can help you get started. Regardless of what you choose, Websites-NOW will provide everything you need to get started with accepting payments online.

Ship your products with FedEx, USPS, UPS and more
Shipping is convenient and easy, as your site calculates precisely the cost of shipping for each item you sell. The built-in shipping calculator will help determine shipping charges for FedEx, USPS, and UPS. If you want to add a shipping discount, or if you want to add charges for handling, you can also enter in your own custom charge.


Manage your orders

Know when you make a sale
You’ll receive an e-mail notification with every sale that you make. The site will send you descriptive order details for each sale, allowing you to keep a close eye on your business.

Export your order details
The information for every order you make will always be stored on your website, but if you ever need a hard copy of a sale, or if you need to store your transaction details elsewhere, all the data can be easily downloaded or printed. You can do this in bulk too. Choose a date range, and the site will create a spreadsheet or text file with all the information that you need.

Keep track of your business
Websites-NOW allows you to stay on top of all the orders made on your website. It will allow you to see the shipping status of all your products, so you’ll know when to expect your customers to receive your items. You can also add notes to any order, in case you need to remember any extra details about a transaction.

Websites-NOW Bonus: You don’t have a merchant account? Get one now, with no setup fees or long-term contracts!
A merchant account will allow you to accept credit card payments and deposit payments directly into your business account. Here at Websites-NOW, you’ll be able to set up a merchant account effortlessly with no hidden fees.

Powerful tools to help you manage your business.

Websites-NOW provides automated shipping calculators, instant payment processing, order notification, and many other tools that will allow all your transactions to take place automatically and securely.


Showcase your products

Add and edit product descriptions
Managing your products could not be easier. Enter your product descriptions, upload images, set your price, and it’s ready! If you wish, you can even sell products that can be downloaded, such as e-books and software.

Show other product recommendations
You can advertise your own products on your website, by suggesting complementary products on each of your catalog pages in order to increase the value of all the sales that you make.

Update your inventory automatically
Enter in your stock count of each item in the product details section. Every time an item sells, the site automatically adjusts the numbers for you, saving you loads of time.