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Help and Support

Get solutions to your questions and problems fast… call 512-914-7882

Do you have a question
about some of our features?

Have you run into a technical problem you’re not sure how to resolve? Help is always available on Websites-NOW.


One-on-one help from a web coach

During your free trial, you’ll have access to a web coach, who will be available to answer any questions about designing your website and taking it online here on Websites-NOW.


On-page help on our web builder

When you’re on your web builder, each website will come with instructions and hints displayed on the top of the page. Each step of the way, our web builder will notify you of the function of all the areas an fields that you come across.

instruction guides

Each feature on Websites-NOW will have its own detailed documentation, available on the very page you’re working on.


Ask and track your questions online

If our documentation doesn’t answer the questions you might have for us, you can contact us directly. All your questions, as well as our responses, will be stored on your account so you can access them again when you run into similar problems.


Detailed video tutorials

If you’re more of a visual learner, our website university program provides video tutorials that will walk you through all the phases of designing and publishing your website.