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Business Building Tools

Increase your online presence. Reach out to your customers.

Improve your brand
with a custom domain & e-mail

Having your own domain name is crucial to building your business. After all, how often do you see a large company that doesn’t have its own domain name? Here on Websites-NOW, you’ll receive a free custom domain name as well as matching e-mail accounts. And if you already have a domain name, it’s easy to set it up on Websites-NOW.

Keep in touch
with your customers

Make sure that your customers are following you online by collecting their information and sending out newsletters to let them know about what new products you’re featuring. Websites-NOW’s newsletter feature is easy to use and a great way to promote your business with current and potential customers.

Create a blog to reach out
to your customers

A blog is a great way to update or engage your customers. Making blog posts on your site is as easy as sending out an e-mail. Our web builder features a fully functional blog tool that will allow you to create a blog on your website in just a few clicks.

Get to know your customers
with forms

Forms are crucial to getting to know your customer base and what they think about your business and products. You can create a variety of online forms easily on Websites-NOW. You can set a registration page so that both you and your customers can keep track of their orders. You can also set up a contact form for customers to send you comments and suggestions or ask you questions.

Make sure customers
find your location

Often, your customers will look on your website first in order to find your location. You can make it easier for customers by embedding a Google map of your store location right on your homepage.

Create a knowledge-base
to attract customers

When creating a brand, it’s important to establish your business as a trustworthy and knowledgeable source. You can both demonstrate your understanding of your products as well as assist your customers with frequently asked questions when you post helpful articles on your website or use the auto-responder feature to send out e-mail tutorials.